Snow Jr. & King, Inc. prides itself in being an industry leader when it comes to jobsite safety. Beginning at the corporate top level and continuing to every other position, the company is committed to protecting the health and welfare of its employees. Some of the ways this safety mindset is manifested are as follows : 

Safety Orientation : All new employees are orientated to Snow Jr. & Kings safety policies and expectations beginning at the initial employee employment application. Safety policies are reviewed on an individual basis with each new employee and all new employees are required to sign that they understand and agree to abide to all safety regulations. New employees are partnered with experienced employees so that they receive personalized on-the-job training. 

Safety Training : Training occurs on a regular basis at Snow Jr  King. Classes are held on a regular basis for activities such as scaffold user, scaffold building, forklift operating, and aerial lift operation. Jobsite safety meetings are held on a weekly basis on all jobsites covering all general as well as site-specific safety topics. All employees are required to sign in at all safety meetings. 

Personal Protection : All employees are require to wear hard hats, long pants, shirts with sleeves, and leather work boots. Many jobs require safety glasses to be worn by every worker. All must wear protection from eye, ear, and dust hazards as they exist on the jobsite. 

First Aid Kit : All jobsites are furnished with a fully stocked first-aid kit for employee use.

Jobsite Safety Inspections : Besides daily inspections by the project foreman, jobsites are regularly inspected by company in-house safety personnel as well as by independent safety inspectors. 

Accident Reports / Accident Investigations : An accident report must be completed for all accidents and injuries no matter how minor. An investigation is conducted to determine how the accident happened and how it can be prevented from occurring again in the future. Near-miss accidents are also investigated. 

Hazardous Communication Training / MSDS Manual : All employees receive training in recognizing the potentially hazardous materials that might exist on the jobsites. A Hazardous Communication Manual with accompanied MSDS sheets is located on every jobsite.

Certification : Employees receive certification cards showing they have received training in scaffold user, scaffold building, forklift operator, aerial lift operator, powder-actuated fastening, and any other specialty training they might require. Pay raises are dependant on receiving the advanced training certificates. 

Safety Awards : Safety lunches are provided on a regular basis on the individual jobsites. These safety lunches allow the company to review pertinent safety issues to the workforce and to recognize those employees who have demonstrated safety on the jobsite through special awards such as gift cards, tools, hats, shirts, etc. 

Drug Testing : Snow Jr., & King requires post-accident drug testing for all employees.

CPR / First-Aid : All of our foremen receive training and certification in CPR and First-Aid. Re-Certification occurs every two years.