Westminster Canterbury - This structure with five lower levels for parking and 11 floors of condos for senior living sits at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay where it feeds into the Atlantic Ocean. The exterior has heavily reinforced / grouted 8-inch CMU walls placed on each floor from the inside using stainless steel horizontal reinforcement with seismic clips. The masonry contractor developed a special grouting process to greatly increase CMU production.

An innovative hydraulic lift scaffolding system from Hydromobile was used to install the veneer on the S-shaped building. Hoists lifted material to the scaffold to avoid lowering the platform. About 60% of the building was scaffolded at one time.

Dampproofing was applied to the 8-inch CMU at two floor intervals. After curing, brick was laid up the building, flashing was installed, and precast was placed. Towers were disassembled and reinstalled around the building to complete this job.

"...we would highly recommend
Snow Jr. & King to accomplish
your masonry construction needs."

- Burrell F. Saunders, AIA
CMSS Architects

"...they have a workforce that is
professional, solid and
conscientious about their work."

- Erle Marie Latimer, President
Westminster Canterbury

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- Stephen B. Ballard, President/CEO
S.B. Ballard Construction Co.

"Their expertise and superior
ability made certain it looked
and performed just right."

- Bill Coggins,
Clancy & Theys Construction Co.